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If I Suspect I Have Mold In My House, what Should I Do?

Do not panic. Bear in mind mold is everywhere. Even if you do have more than “normal” quantities of mold in your house, you have not necessarily been exposed to it. Exposure means that the mold or mold spores or toxins have actually gotten inside your body by inhalation (breathing), ingestion (eating) or absorption through your skin. The mold has to get through the wall cavity into the air in your home prior to you can be exposed to it. That does not imply that it’s good to neglect the mold if you understand you have it somewhere in your residence. The mold will continue to grow (as long as it has water), eventually harm the building and increase the chances that you will be exposed.

Mold Damage Repair

How Do I Eliminate Mold in My Home?

That depends on just how much mold is present and where it is located. If there is only small amounts of mold, such as in a bathroom or kitchen area on a nonporous surface, mold remediation may not be necessary. Scrub the moldy location with soapy water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. If you have asthma or serious allergies or a weakened immunities, get somebody else to do the clean-up. If you have mold on a wall, ceiling or floor , the first question is “where did the water come from?” Bear in mind, mold needs to have water/moisture to grow. There is no point trying to remove the mold if you do not likewise remedy the wetness issue that caused the mold. If the wetness problem stays, mold may rapidly grow back after the initial clean-up. Do not attempt to use bleach to eliminate mold, often the mold spores will spread to other places and you can discover mold in brand-new areas.

Mold Removal

If you have mold growing under a window that has a leak, from a roof leak or defective plumbing, you have to deal with the underlying wetness issue. And more importantly you can release a lot of mold from inside a wall cavity if you open a wall and don’t do the work appropriately. You can turn a “little bit” of exposure into a “great deal of” exposure extremely quickly. Consult with a mold removal company if you are concerned about mold exposure.

It is very challenging to clean permeable structure materials such as drywall and wood. In this case, be sure to call a professional mold removal company to examine the mold problem and any existing damage to the surface the mold is growing on. A mold removal company can eliminate the water damaged materials without spreading the mold spores throughout your home.
Mold Remediation

In some cases it is hard to identify where a mold colony exists. Call a mold removal company to do a through mold assessment and discover the location where the mold colony lives. Your HVAC system might be infected with mold spores that are then distributed throughout your house.

The best recommendation is to be thorough in your observation of potential locations of water damage to your residence and to take care of any spills or leakages as quickly as possible. Have them examined and fixed in a timely fashion if leaks are present.

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